Augustine on the believer’s power to obey

“Give me the grace [O Lord] to do as You command, and command me to do what You will!… O holy God…when Your commands are obeyed, it is from You that we receive the power to obey them.” Augustine Confessions.

William Farley on G.R.A.C.E.

“For [the common] acronym to work, we must figure the ugliness of sin into the equation. If the definition read, ‘G.R.A.C.E. is God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense extended to men and women who deserve wrath,’ we would have a complete definition of grace.” William Farley Gospel-Powered Parenting, p. 88.

Duguid on step-by-step dependence

“The further you go in obedience, the more you see of God’s plan. God doesn’t often tell us the end from the beginning. He prefers to lead us on step-by-step in dependence upon Him.” Iain Duguid

Grudem on God’s standards and our need for forgiveness

“When Jesus commands us to be perfect as our Father in heaven is perfect (Matt. 5:48), this simply shows that God’s own absolute moral purity is the standard toward which we are to aim and the standard for which God holds us accountable. The fact that we are unable to attain that standard does not […]

MacArthur on the sorrow of sin and the joy of repentance

“The pleasure of sin is brief while the sorrow it produces lasts; the sorrow of repentance is brief, while the joy it produces lasts.” John MacArthur 2 Corinthians, p. 266.

Spurgeon on Unforgiveness

“You are nothing better than deceitful hypocrites if you harbor in your minds a single unforgiving thought. There are some sins which may be in the heart, and yet you may be saved. But you cannot be saved unless you are forgiving. If we do not choose to forgive, we choose to be damned.” C.H. […]