Edward Welch on Addictions

“In our battles with sin, we need a team of people. We need teachers to help us understand Scripture, prophets to help us apply it, interceders to pray for us, preachers to focus our eyes on Christ, encouragers to remind us of God’s grace when we feel like failures, wise men and women to discern when we are making foolish decisions, and people of faith to tell us that everything God has said is true in Christ. In other words, God’s gifts to us are people – not just one person, but the church. This is how Christ meets us. The reason we need so many people is that we need Christ Himself. Since His glory and gifts are so immense, we need many people, not just an individual person.”
Edward Welch
Addictions – A Banquet in the Grave, p. 252.

Ajith Fernando on The Supremacy of Christ

“When God created us human, He gave us the capacity to enjoy beauty. And the greatest experience of beauty is in relationships of love. We have the joy of knowing that Jesus is beautiful and that He expressed His beauty in the most vivid way possible: by dying for us. Now we can taste of that beauty by having a love-relationship with Him that is deeper and sweeter than all the ugliness of the world. This too is a result of the work of Christ. It restores the beauty of life that was lost as a result of the Fall.”
Ajith Fernando 
The Supremacy of Christ, p. 173-174.

John Piper on Guilt

“The universal problem of guilt is not owing to the fact that we have failed our fellow man, but because we have failed God.”
John Piper 
Jesus Is Precious Because He Removes Our Guilt, Sermon.

Craig Blomberg on the Resurrection

“No religion stands or falls with a claim about the resurrection of its founder in the way Christianity does.”
Craig Blomberg
The Historical Reliability of the Gospels, p. 77.