Spurgeon Commenting on Commentaries

“If you do not understand a book by a departed writer you are unable to ask him his meaning, but the Spirit, who inspired Holy Scripture, lives forever, and He delights to open the Word to those who seek His instruction.”

C.H. Spurgeon
Commenting on Commentaries, p. 58-59.

An insight into pastoral ministry from John Stott

“A congregation’s attitude to their minister should be determined by his loyalty to the apostolic message… No minister, however exalted his rank in the visible church, is an apostle of Jesus Christ. Nevertheless, if he is faithful in teaching what the apostles taught, a godly congregation will humbly receive his message and submit to it. They will neither resent nor reject it. Rather, they will welcome it, even with the deference which they would give to an angel of God, to Christ Jesus Himself, because they recognize that the minister’s message is not the minister’s message, but the message of Jesus Christ.”

John Stott
The Message of Galatians, p. 118.

Kevin DeYoung on sanctification

“It’s the testimony of almost all saints that as they get closer to God they see more of their ungodliness. It’s normal to feel less holy as you become more holy. Being more aware of sin in your life is usually a sign of the Spirit’s sanctifying work, not of His withdrawal.”
Kevin DeYoung
The Hole in Our Holiness, p. 139.