Rex Rogers on luck

“Belief in luck and belief in a sovereign God are mutually exclusive, for if an omniscient, omnipotent Creator God exists then luck makes no sense. Things don’t ‘just happen.’ Nothing – including the secondary causes operative in the universe (the ‘laws’ of nature and human choices) – happens outside of God’s will and disposition. So belief in God not only dispels any idea of luck, it also rejects any idea of chance as a determining factor in natural events or people’s destiny… Any trust in luck rather than God is therefore a form of idolatry.”
Rex Rogers
America’s New Love Affair with Gambling, p. 21.

John Calvin on the triumph of Christ

“There is no tribunal so magnificent, no throne so stately, no show of triumph so distinguished, no chariot so elevated, as is the gibbet on which Christ hath subdued death and the devil.”
John Calvin

Martyn Lloyd-Jones on revelation and illumination

“We must never separate the Spirit and the Word. The Spirit speaks to us through the Word; so we should always doubt and query any supposed revelation that is not entirely consistent with the Word of God. Indeed the essence of wisdom is to reject altogether the term ‘revelation’ as far as we are concerned, and speak only of ‘illumination.’ The revelation has been given once and for all, and what we need and what by the grace of God we can have, and do have, is illumination by the Spirit to understand the Word.”
Martyn Lloyd-Jones
Christian Unity.

Tim Challies on God and His name in culture

“God’s name is maligned and blasphemed in the culture around us, and it seems that Christians have increasingly absorbed the world’s understanding of a God who is fun, who exists for our benefit, and who can be the butt of endless jokes.”

Tim Challies
The Discipline of Spiritual Discernment, p. 50.