Horatius Bonar on Christian Consistency

“If you are Christians, be consistent. Be Christians out and out; Christians every hour, in every part. Beware of halfhearted discipleship, of compromise with evil, of conformity to the world, of trying to serve two masters – to walk in two ways, the narrow and the broad, at once. It will not do. Half-hearted Christianity will only dishonor God, while it makes you miserable.”
Horatius Bonar
Light and Truth, v. 3, The Acts and Larger Epistles, 1869.

Daniel Wallace, Revelation 3:20 and the Offer of Salvation.

“What then should we say when we are trying to lead someone to Christ? I think a better picture is simply what the New Testament uses as its normative word – πίστις/πιστεύω. The noun form (πίστις) can be translated “faith,” “belief,” or “trust.” The verb can be translated “I believe,” “I have faith,” “I trust.” In some contexts the object of belief is emphasized (namely, Christ); in other contexts, the kind of belief is emphasized (namely, a genuine trust, an embracing). Thus, πίστις has this twofold force of content and conviction. To be saved, one must have the right object of faith (content); and one must truly put his trust entirely in that object (conviction).”
Daniel Wallace
Revelation 3:20 and the Offer of Salvation.

Bob Kauflin on Worship

“The most important worship leader is Jesus. He reveals God to us and through His perfect sacrifice provided the only way into the Father’s presence.”
Bob Kauflin
Worship Matters, p. 53.

David McKenna on Reading the Bible

“Unless we read the Word of God, we cannot be instructed by the Spirit, and unless we are instructed by the Spirit, we cannot become godly and effective servants. To put it another way, loving the Word, learning from the Word, and living out the Word are interlocked in God’s plan for our spiritual growth.”
David McKenna
How to Read a Christian Book, p. 46.

Randy Alcorn on Grace and Truth

“If we minimize grace the world sees no hope for salvation. If we minimize truth, the world sees no need for salvation. To show the world Jesus, we must offer unabridged grace and truth, emphasizing both, apologizing for neither.”
Randy Alcorn
The Grace and Truth Paradox, p. 87.