William Farley on the New Birth

“New birth…means one has enthroned Christ in the center of one’s life. You become a Christian when your life, thinking and behavior begin to revolve around Jesus Christ. Until that happens, professions and decisions mean very little. Changed behavior processing from a spiritual heart transplant is the only certain evidence of new birth.”
William Farley
Gospel-Powered Parenting, p. 30.

Wayne Grudem and Jeff Purswell on Evolutionary Right and Wrong

“If all of life can be explained by evolutionary theory apart from God, and if there is no God who created us (or at least if we cannot know anything about Him with certainty), then there is no supreme Judge to hold us morally accountable. Therefore there are no moral absolutes in human life, and people’s moral ideas are only subjective preferences, good for them perhaps but not to be imposed on others. In fact, in such a case the only thing forbidden is to say that one knows that certain things are right and certain things are wrong.”
Wayne Grudem and Jeff Purswell
Bible Doctrine: Essential Teachings of the Christian Faith, p. 138.