Michael Lawrence on the lies that sin tells us

“This is what sin is all about. Sin is all about promising us satisfaction, but it never keeps its promises. It can’t, because we weren’t made to satisfy ourselves. No, all sin does is blind us to the truth… We were made to find our satisfaction in a loving relationship with God, but sin convinces us to spend our lives in a self-loving relationship with ourselves. The tragedy is that in the end it doesn’t even work. Sin leaves us bitter, empty, and filled with regret. Worst of all, it leaves us outside the love of God, the one thing that could have satisfied us. It leaves us exposed to His righteous anger that was provoked by our decision to love anything and everything except Him, the one and only who was worthy of our love.”
Michael Lawrence
It Is Well, p. 105-106.

Randy Alcorn on biblical grace

“A home full of grace is also full of truth, because grace doesn’t make people less holy – it makes them more holy. Grace doesn’t make people despise or neglect truth – it makes them love and follow truth. Grace isn’t a free pass to sin – it’s a supernatural empowerment not to sin (Titus 3:5). By failing to address sin in each other’s lives we send an unspoken message: I’ll overlook your sin if you overlook mine. Grace raises the bar – but it also enables us to joyfully jump over that bar. Any concept of grace that leaves us – or our children – thinking truth is expendable, is not biblical grace.”
Randy Alcorn
The Grace and Truth Paradox, p. 66.

Vision for Revival: A Paradigm for Personal Renewal and Revival (Isaiah 6:1-8)

Vision for Revival: A Paradigm for Personal Renewal and Revival (Isaiah 6:1-8)
Pastor Jeff Robison
April 22, 2018

Randy Alcorn on Grace and Truth

“A paradox is an apparent contradiction. Grace and truth aren’t really contradictory. Jesus didn’t switch on truth, then turn it off so He could switch on grace. Both are permanently switched on in Jesus. Both should be switched on in us… Truth without grace breeds a self-righteousness legalism that poisons the church and pushes the world from Christ. Grace without truth breeds moral indifference and keeps people from seeing their need for Christ. Attempts to ‘soften’ the gospel by minimizing truth keep people from Jesus. Attempts to ‘toughen’ the gospel by minimizing grace keep people from Jesus. It’s not enough for us to offer grace or truth. We must offer both.”
Randy Alcorn
The Grace and Truth Paradox, p. 17-18.