F.B. Meyer on Character

“The supreme test of goodness is not in the greater but in the smaller incidents of our character and practice; not what we are when standing in the searchlight of public scrutiny, but when we reach the firelight flicker of our homes; not what we are when some clarion-call rings through the air, summoning us to fight for life and liberty, but our attitude when we are called to sentry-duty in the gray morning, when the watch-fire is burning low. It is impossible to be our best at the supreme moment if character is corroded and eaten into by daily inconsistency, unfaithfulness, and besetting sin.”

F.B. Meyer 

Stephen Nichols on Depravity

“When we realize the height of Jesus’ obedience through His death on a cross, we realize the depth of our depravity.”

Stephen Nichols
Shepherd’s Conference 2017.

Michael Reeves on Being Christian Family

“You can’t earn your way into a family. Efforts to be accepted only prove you are a slave.” 

Michael Reeves

John MacArthur on Sin

“[Satan] wants us to laugh at sin rather than mourn over it, and to rationalize it rather than confess it and bring it to the Lord for forgiveness. He seduces us to become so used to sin in us and around us that it no longer bothers our conscience.”

John MacArthur
Ephesians, Moody, 1986, p. 351.