Philip Hughes On The Fruit Of Good Works

“The justification of the sinner, it is true, is by faith in Christ and not by works of this own; but the hidden root of faith must bring forth the visible fruit of good works. This fruit is expected by Christ, for it brings glory to the Father and is evidence to the world of the dynamic reality of divine grace. And it is especially in the bearing of much fruit that the Father is glorified (Jn. 15:8).”

Philip Hughes
The Second Epistle to the Corinthians, p. 183.

George Muller on Continuing Prayer

“Suppose that we believers in the Lord Jesus make our requests to God. Suppose also that, as far as we can honestly judge, the obtaining of our requests would be for our spiritual good and for the honor of God. We must then continue in prayer until the blessing is given to us. Furthermore, we have to believe that God does hear us and will answer our prayers. Frequently we fail in not continuing in prayer until the blessing is obtained and in not expecting the blessing. As assuredly as any individual uses these points, so assuredly will his requests be granted.”

George Muller
The Autobiography of George Muller, p. 219.

G.K. Beale on Persecution

“Light and darkness cannot dwell together in peaceful coexistence. Therefore a witnessing church will be a persecuted church.”

G.K. Beale
Revelation, p. 247.

Bryan Chapell on Being Spirit Filled

“Only when the integration point of our faith is knowing and living out the fullness of the person of Jesus Christ will His person and witness be the true preoccupations that fill our lives. Right doing and thinking are necessary for this proper filling, but Christ alone is the aim, the object, and the goal of what we do and think. When we confuse the means (what we do and think) with the goal (the reality of the indwelling Christ), then religion becomes sterile, fruitless, and, in the most sad of ways, merely human.”

Bryan Chapell
Ephesians, p. 262.

Edward Welch on Awe, Devotion, and Worship

“A mature fear of the Lord is more akin to awe, devotion, and worship. It is a response that says, ‘Your glory is irresistible.’ ‘In your presence, nothing else matters. You are all that I desire.’ Furthermore, it is a response that is active. It does something. It is not simply a passive devotion; it follows Christ in obedience. It searches out His will and can’t wait to do it.”

Edward Welch
Addictions – A Banquet in the Grave, p. 162.